Dec 072012
Monarch Airlines European Destinations - Google Maps

Monarch Airlines are one of the largest budget airlines in the UK, based out of Luton they focus on the Mediterranean sun searching market, with more flights to Greece than any other country. If you are looking for winter sunshine they also do that too, flying to four airports in the Canneries and to the Portuguese island of Madeira.


They are also surprisingly good for skiing trips. This is the first year (2012/2013) that they have taken this market seriously, opening 12 new routes in total.  You can get close to some of the best slopes in the world by flying to Innsbruck  or access Austria and southern Germany from Munich, where you can catch a train into the heart of the alps (coaches availble too). They have flights to Zurich & Salzburg(austria), Friedrichshafen (southern Germany) Grenoble (france) Geneva (switzerland) Milan, Verona and Venice (Italian Alps and Dolomites) Monarch Airlines For other skiing destination try Swiss Air 

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Alpharooms or Opodo have good search engines for finding budget flights, scheduled and chartered…..Back